A touch of Orange in a outfit.

A touch of orange in a suit. Often we see traditional-suits with a black or grey blazer and a white-shirt. That’s a traditional-way of tailoring and totally fine. Most of the times it makes you feel amazing. Now I had this idea in my head, to do it in a more-casual way. As I’ve seen people wearing a basic-t-shirt in combination with a blazer and trouser. So that was very inspiring, and I thought: let me give this a try.

A touch of orange in this suit.

When it comes to your personal-style, there are not many rules in my opinion. Because at the end of the day, you can wear whatever you want, as long as you feel happy in it. Now I decided to match my favorite-summer item from: Dries van noten , with my Navy-Blue blazer and trouser. Lately I really pay attention to the combination of colors. I’ve always look if it’s a match or not a match. Now Blue & Orange are going perfectly together. If you choose wisely, you always can match two-colors in a very good-way. So that’s something That I want to share with you.

Outfit details:

I decided to match this orange-t-shirt with a navy-blue blazer and trouser, This blazer and trouser are from: hm and I purchased this item in June for a wedding that I recently attended. As I mentioned in my previous: Blogpost I’ve learned the hard-way in buying sustainable items that I can wear over and over again. Now I hope that I can wear this suit for a very long-time. But I decided to pick-up a color that is safe, and sustainable. Now color blue is always a good choice and you can’t go wrong with it. Especially if you can match it with a white-shirt or red t-shirt or white shirt, or like I did: with an orange-t-shirt. Furthermore I want to give this outfit another comfortable touch, with some white-sneakers, that are perfectly for this time of the year.

Let me know what you think of this outfit, love to hear from you :)!

Shop the look here:


T-shirt: Dries van Noten


Sneakers: Adidas


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