Luc is born in The Netherlands, After his internship at internet-company. Luc really fel in love with internet, social-media and writing. His passion for fashion, always played a big-role in his life. As he always pays attention on his style and how he walks out the door on daily-basis.

As reading and writing always been passion for him. Luc started in the Spring of 2014 his own blog named: l4ngsdelijn.blogspot.com this was a blog based on soccer. Where he shared his opinion about soccer every week. In the early Fall 2014. He started his own Fashion/Style Blog named: Stylebyluc, this was a blog based on style, trends and outfits. 

In 2019 he changed his blog from: Styled by Luc into: I AM LUC . His blog is about Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle. Where he educates a group of people who has interest in The latest fashion trends, travel-recommendations and how to live a Healthy-Sustainable-Lifestyle.

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