Basic-T-shirts Must-Have Wardrobe staple.

Basic T-shirts Must-Have Wardrobe Items.

As I started this year continue building a sustainable wardrobe. I decided to throw away all my previous basic t-shirts and I ordered a few new ones. These basics t-shirts I ordered are from: COS and they fit amazing. In my opinion a sustainable wardrobe or your dream-wardrobe. Starts with the basics, because these are essentials that you wear on a daily-basis. That’s why it’s so important to start building from there.

You can them wear these basic t-shirts under a shirt or sweater. But you also can wear them under a blazer for example. The options are endless when you play with them. I recommend to buy them at the start of a new year. During the year your wear them on a regular basis, so there is a big chance that they going to be dirty onder your arm quickly.

That’s because we wear them on a daily-basis. No matter the brand it is, they always worn-out very fast. So it’s important to look at them every six-months and see what condition are they exactly. If you need more tips or tricks, just send me a e-mail 🙂 At your service

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