Basic T-Shirts Wardrobe Essentials.

Basic T-shirts Wardrobe Essentials.

Basic Black T-shirts.

Basic T-shirts Wardrobe Essentials.

Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope you guys had an amazing week. Now I had amazing week as I’ve finally found the magic-formula to grow my: Tik-Tok page. The How To style video’s are paying off on that platform. It took me a while to find out what really works. But that is not the key-reason why I wrote a blogpost today. It’s all about: Basic T-shirts, that are wardrobe essentials in my personal view. These are must-have items for every men’s wardrobe.


What are wardrobe-essentials?

Now wardrobe essentials are the foundation for every Men’s or Women’s wardrobe. And today I want to share with you the basic-t-shirts that are fundamental for a sustainable-wardrobe. No matter how your current-wardrobe looks like. The Basic T-shirts are going to be essential key if you are planning to transform your wardrobe, or you just want to add these essentials to you wardrobe. Furthermore you think about a Trenchcoat, a Pair of good jeans, and of course a pair of white-shirts. These are all essentials for a sustainable wardrobe. But it’s a personal-point-of-view. Which is for everyone different.

Basic T-shirts.

In one of my previous blogposts . I’ve already mentioned the importance of having basic: T-Shirts in your wardrobe. Now today I would like to share with you the brand: COS that has these wardrobe essentials for an affordable prize, but meanwhile they are made from very good material. I’ve them for a couple of months now in my wardrobe. And when it comes to Basic items like these. I’ve immediately recommend to go for COS. For the following reasons: Affordable, quality and sustainability . Which are three value that I share a lot. Furthermore the fit is amazing, not too tight and not too heavy on my body. You can buy them in package of 3. I’ve purchased them in both colours Black & White so I can wear them under my Black and white shirts, or in combination with a black-blazer.


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