Choose yourself.

Choose yourself

It’s something that I not always was thinking about when I was making certain decisions. Especially when it comes to relationships with friends and family. I sometimes took a decision that were better for the other person than for me. I’m not saying that you are not allowed to do something for someone else. But it’s the dangerous side of us as human-being to always choose for the other person instead of doing something that’s best for ourselves, do you understand me? 🙂 What I want to make clear today is: Choose for yourself is a choice for yourself and you can serve others as well. For example: When a friend ask to do a road-trip on a Sunday and you are not feeling well to drive and you communicate that: It’s better for both parts. 

Often we don’t choose for our selves because we want to please others. But’s most of the time it’s opposite because we put ourselves in danger and other people around us. Because first and foremost: The most important thing is our own well-being. We’ve been born alone and we die-alone right? And of course we have to pay attention to other people feelings and I totally agree with that. But on the other hand being selfish isn’;t a bad thing. It’s the best way to take care of ourselves and for others. 

I’ve been that person who pays attention to other-ones and how they feel. When I need to give my opinion or send a certain text-message I now think twice about what I want to say, because I don’t want to hurt myself and especially not the feelings of that other person. 

Please just don’t live for other people or there opinion.

It’s just your life and this was going trough my mind a lot and I’ve been trough a lot to understand what this exactly means! 

I talk about my own experiences where I often

choose to please others, listening to their opinions and doing exactly what they did. But when you doing that over and over again, you reach a certain-point in your life where you start living someone else’s his life instead of living your own-life. And this exactly what I wan to make in is blogpost. Sure you can listen to other people’s opinion, but make sure that you are the boss over your own body, and mind and that you need to take decisions that are best for YOU. Not for someone else.

I know that’s not easy for you and I’m here to support you, because I’ve been trough that phase for a very long-time and I’ve been thinking about it a lot. It’s hard to take these first-steps but don’t be scared because being scared gonna make you feel uncomfortable and emotional and then often we don’t take the right decisions. At the end of the day it’s important that you are happy and nothing else matters. It’s something that I’ll will repeat in upcoming blogposts because our mental-health matters and I care about it so much the last couple of years. More than ever: I’m ready for a new chapter and I want you to take this difficult step as well.

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Thank you Guys for reading.

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