Coffee-Time and Me-Time

Coffee-time and Me-Time.

Have you also need these moments for-yourself? From time to time.. Yeah you probably need these moments for yourself. Lately I really enjoy my-time as a single-men. I grew-up in a big-family, with an older brother. Most of the Sunday’s were booked for Family-meetings only! I had good relationships with nieces and nephews, I had a couple of friends around the neighborhood. When I was in my teen-age years these people around me didn’t changed, I still had a lot of people around me on a daily-basis. It’s been a Wonderful-time.

During my twenties I made news friendship and being around-people all-time, didn’t change. I had my first-relationship, I went-out to party’s, festivals, you name it. In my twenties there was no social-media yet, and my first mobile-cell-phone didn’t had a camera. So I don’t have digital-memories, only the memories that come into my mind. But I’ve noticed is that time go so fast. Especially now I feel more than ever a single-men ( lol ) . Now at the end of my twenties, my social-life changed little by little. I wasn’t even aware of it. Because I still was enjoying the time of being young, single and full of confidence that I’ll end up with somebody some-day, by the way: that thought hasn’t changed, but you get me right? 🙂

When I reach the age of 30 my circle-of friends and family already increased a bit. I made certain choices because I choose to put more of my time into: fitness, my previous blog, or others thing that were important to me. But I’ve always let the door open for new people, people that I’ve meet in the past, or child-hood friendships, you name it. So I never choose to being single, although my point of view about: Friendships, relationships and marriage, has changed over the years. Not in a negative way, but In my opinion more in a realistic point of view.


Now coffee-time and me-time is time for yourself, and you need to allow yourself to do that once in a while, or when you feel that you need it. Because I’ve learned al-long the way that if you are not happy with yourself, or not 100% okay, you can’t make someone else happy. And when you feel empty from inside or you want get new energy. Going to a coffee-bar and enjoy yourself is a great-way to connect with yourself again. I’ve been single for years, I’ve traveled across multiple cities in Europe all-by-myself so I have a lot of experience with being on your own, and being your own-company.

We’ve often are afraid to say: No, to social-activities with friends or family, but if you are not okay, not in the mood to be around people. Just say: No , don’t be afraid to say it, and be honest about your mood. It’s often the first-start to get back to yourself, and connect with yourself again. Doing this for yourself can be anything that makes you happy, for example: Swimming, running, reading a good book. Having a walk. These are activities that you can do alone, and it’s very good for your mental-health. I speak from my own experience, and happy to share it with you.

So when it’s time to get back into more social-life and even a relationship, you need to be in a very good place with yourself, otherwise you can’t make no contribution to someone else life, and not even with yourself. I speak from my own-experience, when I was chasing after people, girls and stuff like that. Because I didn’t want to be alone. I’ve learned the hard-way and I know that chasing after people is wrong for yourself, you going to hurt- yourself by the end of the day. And that’s not something we shouldn’t do. So first we need to enjoy ourselves before we can make anyone else happy ! I hope this post will help you and love to hear your thoughts about it 🙂 You can send me e-mail, or leave a comment down below 🙂 .


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