Dark Grey wool Jumper Style

Dark Grey Wool Jumper style.

Black Wool Jumper Style.

Hello Guys,

In today’s post I would love to show you my black wool jumper. It’s been one of my favourite staple’s for this winter season. Especially because this wool-jumper was a gift from my mom almost 7-years a go for my birthday. So I can only say that this black wool-jumper has a special place in my heart. It’s made from 100% wool and it’s an amazing item that I can wear every winter season again. I really love the wool-fabric and gives me these cozy warm feeling, that I need during the winter-time. Especially here in Holland we have long-winters, so a wool-jumper is for me a must-have staple in my wardrobe.

Dark Grey Wool Jumper.

Now back in the days I was wearing it most of the time under a long sleeve t-shirt. Now a days I wearing it under a white or black shirt. Which gives this wool-jumper the formal/classic touch that I was searching for, in combination with a black trouser from Mango and a pair of smart derby shoes, I can make it a look for several occasions like: Going to the office, having a appointment outdoors, and even a dinner-date with friends or family. This look is basically perfect for these occasions, without being under-dressed or overdressed. It’s a safe and formal combination. The wool-jumper I’m wearing is from the brand diesel.

Why you should get a wool-jumper as well.

Now as the Winter continues and the sale is in full-swing. You might not have this kind of staple in your wardrobe. Now I can imagine you want to have a wool-jumper in your closet as well. It’s a versatile staple that you can match with basically every trouser that you own. Whether it’s Grey, black, navy-blue. Just make sure you choose the right-wool-jumper. Go for natural wool jumper, like the one I recommend. So you can play it safe, but still look very good. Prints can work fine as well, but pay attention to the rest of your outfit, so the print does get seen. That’s the reason why you purchased a wool-jumper with a print.

Thank you guys for reading!

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