Diaries of Luc

Diaries of Luc.

Hello Guys, I have some very excited news for you to share with.

I’ve started a new serie on my Youtube-Channel. Why? Because I was very motivated and interested in making video’s. Learning a new skill ( video-editing ) and discovering if this is something I can do on the long-term. Now 3-episodes further and I’m very eager to learn more about video-editing, story-telling and all the other stuff that comes along with creating a good-video.

What do you want to make?

That is a question, that was coming into my mind very often, every time I watch other-creators on the platform. I was thinking: this is very cool, but what do I want to make on Youtube? First I want to defocus on fashion-related videos, but it was not realistic for me and I didn’t feel that this was something I really want to create on YouTube.

Now I came-up with this idea of sharing my daily-life, adventures , shopping-recommendations and other stuff. So I thought why not create: Diaries of Luc? I’ve thought this could be the concept and idea that I could turn into life/reality. Because there is so much I want to tell and share, with the goal to: educate, and to inspire you to become the best version of yourself that you can be. That’s why my diaries will include various topics from Sustainable fashion to travel-tips/recommendations, for the Espresso-lovers, the people who loves working-out, for the people who are taking care of there mental and psychical health. But first and fore-most, for myself !

Diaries of Luc

Now diaries of Luc is a concept about my daily-life and I planning to keep it that way. I think sharing-insighful things about your daily-life can be helpful to other people, and that’s one of the reasons I started this channel. In the past few weeks, I’ve already learned so much about just structure your video-concept, from preparing your new video to editing, sounds, and of course promoting and make sure people watch as long as possible. It’s been a beautiful start and that’s why I want to share my latest video with you, because this is the best video so far.

Diaries of Luc Episode 3 | A day in Amsterdam.

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