How to find your style.

How to find your style.

It’s a question I was asking myself a few years a go? When I was in a crisis in search to find my personal-style. So finding your style can be very long-road and maybe after reading this blogpost, you still doubt about it, because it can take years.

It took me years and years, to find my own style, because I was wearing whatever I liked, and I didn’t know much about dressing myself properly. 

You pick-up a item that you like, you match it with what you have in a wardrobe and that’s it. 

Sometimes you find a certain-item and you make a quick decision to buy it and wear it. When the sales arrived it’s very attractive to buy a certain-item, because of the prize-range and how it looks like, four months later you already sick and tired of wearing it? You probably been in this situation. 

It takes time, and that’s totally fine.

In search to find your own and unique style, it’s very important to look at yourself, take a look at your current wardrobe, buy magazine’s, search on Pinterest, take a walk or a trip to a certain city to see what other people are wearing, and maybe that certain-style that you might have seen in the city is worth a try. Don’t feel pressured by anything or society, or whatever it might be. Just take a moment or a break and go discover that unique style that you always dreamed of wearing. 

Maybe you want to wear certain colors, that makes you happy, maybe you just want to keep it minimal and wear only a few colors. Maybe you want to wear more street-wear style instead of formal-wear. 

The road to your unique-own-style

If I look back to my journey, it took me years and years to figure out my style, because I was getting bored of one certain style really quickly . I was buying random items, combine it in the wrong-way. Sometimes I received positive-feedback about a certain item I was wearing. The other-day I was getting negative comments about the outfit I was rocking that day. The road to your unique own style can be long. The most important thing is that you always feel 100% comfortable in what you wearing, that’s all that matters. If you like to wear a cardigan on daily-basis that’s totally fine. Finding your own unique style, can be such a meaningful and rewarding journey. Because you reflect and learn so much about yourself, about your shopping behaviors. 

Create a mood-board.

As i mentioned earlier in this article, a mood-board on Pinterest can be good first-step, to find images, outfits, or inspiration to find your own unique style. Especially if you don’t know where to start, this can be your first step.

Buy basic-items.

Furthermore, buying basic items can be a good way to start building the wardrobe of your dreams, or to find your unique style. Most of these items are easily to style, if you are still in the phase of experimenting or playing with your style. Furthermore with basic-items you exactly never go wrong. Playing it safe during that phase is key.

I hope you guys learned something from this, because I know how it is to be in a phase where you searching for your own unique style, that represents who you are. Because the way you dressed can tell so much about you as a person.


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