How to Style a Leather Jacket.

How to Style a leather jacket.

The black leather jacket is a traditional jacket, that be worn trough-out the whole year. Even in the Summer-nights a leather jacket is not a bad-idea. Now in today’s post I would like show you, how to style a leather jacket without too much effort. Often we are overthinking too much about wearing a certain outfit. Or styling a certain-piece, meanwhile the answers are not that hard. As you can see in the pictures I decided to style the leather jacket in a simple way: White basic T-shirt, a single pair of black jeans and some suede boots. Its mix of casual and elegant, I used three-colors: White, Black and Brown. Now it’s not that hard right? 🙂

A black leather jacket never goes out of style.

What I like about wearing a black leather jacket, it’s never goes out of style. As we are heading into the Fall/Winter season, you probably see already the new arrivals. And there is good chance that you get overwhelmed by the amount of leather jackets. Just because it’s such a versatile piece that can be worn in many different ways. In combination with a turtleneck for example. Or with a white-shirt or black shirt for example. So there are so many options to style a leather jacket. That it’s a must-have piece in a wardrobe. No matter the gender: because it’s not only a men’s kind of item. Go to a regular girl’s wardrobe, and you probably find one or two leather jackets in different colors. It’s not a men’s related item. But it’s just a item that can’t be missed in a sustainable-wardrobe.

Where to buy?

As I’ve mentioned earlier the amount of leather jackets is maybe too much these days. Most brands have a couple of leather jackets to offer. That it can be hard to pick-out the right leather jacket that fits your-style. Now I highly recommend to go for quality over quantity. Because it’s a seasonal item that you can wearing during the Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer. So that’s something that you need to keep in your mind. Furthermore I suggest to spend a bit of extra money on a leather-jacket, and go for mid-range-prize. This means you get affordable quality without spending too much. Try to find that, and you will have leather jacket for the next five years. How sounds that? 🙂

Shop Similar look here:

Leather jacket: Farfetch

Black Denim: Diesel

Suede boots: Isabel Marant


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