I booked my Birthday-trip to Madrid.

Gran Via in Madrid

I booked my Birthday trip to Madrid.

Hello Guys, how are you doing today?

I’m very excited to share my latest up-date with you. I booked my birthday trip to: Madrid . It’s been way too-long that I visit this place, because of the fact, that Madrid has a lot to offer. I’ve been in Madrid before in the Fall of 2013. So it’s been 10-years that I didn’t made a trip to Madrid-Spain. Why it took me so long? I just had other priorities and other city’s that I wanted to visit. For example: Milan and Paris. Since I’ve been very passionate about Fashion. So it was very logical to visit these to Fashion-Capitals at least once. I hope to see this two-cities on a regular basis ( fingers crossed ) .

Now during that time in the Fall of 2013, I had a iPhone 4S and the picture quality was not as good, as it is today. But I still was able to take a few pictures and I want to share some of my favorite memories of Madrid. It was in my early twenties and I wasn’t really into Photography & Videography during that time. I was in Barcelona for two-days and one day in Madrid. I was already preparing myself for 24-hours in Madrid.

When I arrived the train was already gone, and I needed to book another train-ticket that allows me, to take the next Train from: Barcelona-Sants to Madrid-Atocha. It was a train-journey of 2:35 minutes. I was able to see the landscape of Spain. I had one stop at train-station: Zaragoza. I’ve really enjoyed this train-journey from Barcelona-Sants to Madrid-Atocha.

But something terrible happened, as I booked a train-ticket from: Barcelona-Sants ( train station of Barcelona ) to Madrid-Atocha, the central station of Madrid. During this morning that I should take the train from Barcelona-Sants to Madrid, I forgot to wake-up early. So I’ve wake-up way too late and I missed the train-journey that I booked. So I wake-up and I was like: FML ! I totally forgot the Train-schedule. So I packed everything as fast as I could, and went to Barcelona-Sants with a taxi.

My first stop during my train journey from: Barcelona to Madrid.

It’s been one of my most intense and most exciting train-trips that I experienced so far. But because I’ve lost a few hours during that day. I was only able to see: Plaza Cibeles, Gran-Via, Retiro-Parc and Puerto Del Sol. Unfortunately I don’t have all the images anymore, just a few that I can share here right now.

Placa cibeles is one of the most famous Buildings in Madrid. Right in

The good thing is…

I going to make new memories in Madrid during my birthday-weekend. My birthday is on December 16th. Which is one week before X-mas. This is always a busy-month for everyone! ( including me ). That’s why I spend most of my birthday’s very small and intimate. This year I decided to visit Madrid, I will stay at hotel: DearHotel Madrid which I’m very excited about it. I’ve discovered this hotel on Instagram and from what I have seen on the pictures it’s an amazing hotel, in the centre of Madrid. Which means I don’t have to walk miles or take a metro to the city-centre. I can just walk to most of the visit places of Madrid. And if I want to see something what is outside the city-centre. Gran-Via metro-station is around the corner, that makes it easy to discover the city in the most efficient-way. So my birthday-weekend will be very special. If you have plans to visit Madrid for the first time, don’t forget to check out: Es Madrid for all your info about the city.

Thank you guys for reading.


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