Maastricht City-Guide

Maastricht City-Guide.

Last weekend, I’ve spend my weekend in Maastricht-Limburg The Netherlands. Near the Belgium and German-boarder, there is a special city that has enough to offer, to make a weekend that you will remember for-ever.

Where did I stay?

I’ve stay in Design-Hotel-Maastricht, located in the Area: Wyck, which is the most enjoyable area of the city. From there it’s just a few minutes walk to the famous-bridge: Sint-Servaas, from there you walk straight to the city-centre. This hotel is also just 3-minutes walk from the Bus and Train-station. So it’s Very good-located hotel. The Staff is very friendly, and Wifi-speed was amazing. Very important to have a good internet-connection in your hotel-room these days.

What to see in Maastricht?

There is a lot to see in Maastricht, from Musea to little-cozy-streets. I have a few things that are must-have-to see, when you visiting Maastricht.

Maastricht is defined by a river, so I need to capture a nice picture of this river called: Maas.

Another must-see is the Famous-Market of Maastricht, I shoot this picture on a Sunday-morning. A couple days of the week, there is local-food-market. Where people can shop fresh fruits, and vegetables.

Vrijthof-Maastricht. This is one of the most famous-squares in Holland. Famous-classic- Musician: Andre-Rieu host his concerts every year around August. Born and Raised in Maastricht, this musician always host his summer-concerts on this famous-square. This square is the most-visited place of Maastricht.


Near the centre-part. There are the city-walls, a nice must-see of Maastricht. Where back in the days the residents of Maastricht , could see the enemies coming to conquer the city. These walls where build to protect the City.

Where to have lunch?

Olivias-Maastricht: Located in the City-Centre, near the Market. You have this cozy-little lunch-place. Where you can have an intimate-lunch. With amazing staff and great-menu. There is a lot of options for foodies. And we are all a bit foodies right?

Where to drink coffee?

Located Between Wyck and Ceramique. At Plein 1992.

You have a cozy-coffee place called: Coffee-lovers.

Where to have dinner?

Located in Wyck, just a few minutes walk from hotel-design-Maastricht. Harrys-Maastricht, provided you with a dinner that goes beyond your expectations. Every-single-meal is prepared with so much care, that you will have a special-experience. Make sure you do your reservation, on time. Because it’s a very popular place to eat in Maastricht.

Fore more information about the city or you consider to visit this city, check out:


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