Madrid City-Guide

Hello Guys,

Today’s- post is all about the Spanish-capital that I recently visit. This city in the heart of Spain, is a special city that has his own-vibe, what you can compare with NYC. I’ve spend 3-days in the Spanish-Capital and in my opinion it was enough to see everything that I wanted to see from a City that has so much to offer from Musea, to Bars, Restaurants you name it. There a lot of things that I want to recommend if you ever have plans to visit Madrid.

Plaza Mayor Madrid.

Places to see: Plaza-Mayor Madrid, a big square in the centre of Madrid. I recommend to visit it during mid-week. I was there on Saturday-afternoon and it was very crowded so I couldn’t capture the whole square. When your hotel is in the city-centre ( what I recommend ) than you walk in 15 minutes to Plaza Mayor.

Plaza Cibeles-madrid

Plaza Cibeles-Madrid.

Near the Gran-Via, Plaza Cibeles is a nice historic-building that reflects this city. A place where comes a lot of traffic together, so be careful when you are taking pictures over there. Plaza Cibeles is also a place where a lot of bus-traffic comes together. From there you can take a lot different bus-lines that can take you to other area’s of the city for example: la Latina, or Salamanca.



The Biggest Parc of Madrid is located in the Heart of Madrid, near the Gran-Via, it’s maybe around 15-minutes walk from the Gran-Via. It’s a very big Parc with a place to lunch, but for most people a place to relax and doing activity’s like: running or skating for example.


Where to stay in Madrid?

I sleep very good in hotel: Dear-Hotel-Madrid , The Staff, location , food, drinks are very good and because of the great-location, I highly recommend this hotel. Because you can save a lot of time during your trip. The Royal-palace, Shopping-places, restaurants, everything is at your finger-tips. With a metro and bus-stop at the front of this hotel. You have excess to explore other parts of the city, than only the city-centre.

Balcony-view from my hotel-room.
Madrid-view from my balcony.

Where to eat?

A city like Madrid is filled with nice restaurants, so it’s hard to mention a few, as you can imagine. But I make a few-recommendations that you can take in consideration.

Dear-Hotel-Madrid offers amazing dinners with stunning views over the city, so if you don’t want to make yourself complicated during your trip in Madrid, I can recommend there menu. But I also want to introduce other recommendations, if you want to dine-and wine outside your hotel.

Breakfast: Cafe-Commercial

Lunch: Delphina Serrano

Evening meal: Balbisiana

Make sure you reserve your table on time, because Madrileno’s loves to eat-outside-doors.

Madrid is a city that comes a life in the afternoon, everything’s starts later during the day

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