Paris Photo Diary

Back in The summer of 2018, I’ve took the: Thalys to Paris. It was in the summer of 2018, and PFW Men’s was in full-swing. As aspiring ” fashion ” blogger. I needed to be there, to make new connections in the Fashion-industry. It was my first-trip to Paris, a very special feeling when you go for the first time to a city you never been before. Paris has been known for the city of lights and love. During that time I only had a iPhone with me, and no DSLR-Camera yet. Because of the good weather, I was able to take couple of pictures with my iPhone. Good light always breaks or make the picture, in my opinion.

Because Paris is such a big and divers City, you have the feeling of walking in a musea all-the-time. Most of the buildings are Photo-genic. So you can’t stop shooting exactly. This city is wonderful and I can’t wait to go back as soon as possible. Paris is really a magical city where you can experience all your interest.


Gare Du Lyon in Paris.

Place de la Reine Astrid.

Rue Cremieux Paris.

Rue De Penthevre Paris.

Rue Francois her Paris.


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