Quite luxury outfit

Quite luxury outfit.

The term Quite luxury, is a popular term now-a-days. The Luxury-Fashion brands are still making profits, as the regular-consumer, becomes more aware of quality over quantity. Consumers are now focusing on timeless and quality clothing-items. Instead of buying items for mid-prize-range, and wearing it maybe two or three times. People are now paying more attention than ever, how they shop and what’s important for them when they are buying a certain item. This means that Luxury-fashion-brands can take advantage of it. Because people are willing to spend more money, to wear a quality clothing-piece for years.

Everybody who’s into social-media and fashion, is talking about Quite luxury as we all being guilty of fast-fashion, and being the consumer that purchases random items because they are ” trendy ” . Now we realizing this is is not cool at all. And then oversuddently this ” new ” Quite luxury term comes around the corner. Now trends are coming and going, as we all know. And Quite luxury is no exception, I’m very curious how long it will last.

When it comes to my outfit, I couldn’t help myself, by putting my own timeless pieces together, and create that: Quite luxury outfit. Keeping it simple, sustainable, stylish. As we are still in Summer, I love to wear the most comfortable outfit that I have in my wardrobe. This means I style my Orange -T-shirt from: Dries van noten with a simple beige linen-short. For the shoes: I go for simple and comfortable sneakers. The Adidas Stan smith sneaker, is a good addition to your shoe-collection. Not because of the prize-range, but because it’s a versatile sneaker. A sneaker that you can wear trough the whole year.

The outfit details.

As I mentioned earlier, now a days I like to keep it simple, and comfortable, when I pick out the clothes from my wardrobe. Because it’s all about feeling comfortable and feeling good in your outfit. Doesn’t that sounds like Quite luxury? This Quite luxury outfit has the simplicity and comfort that we are looking for in an outfit. The Orange-T-shirt is made from cotton and simple to wear during the summer, the beige-linen-shirt is the finest material that you can wear in the summer. The versatile Adidas Stan-smith sneaker, gives the outfit that extra comfortable-touch. Beige and white a perfect combo to wear during the summer.

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T-shirt: Dries van Noten

Beige linen short: Selected-Homme

Sneaker: Adidas


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