Styling Hugo-Boss shirt

Hugo-boss shirt.

Since last year 2021, I’ve been really into Hugo-Boss shirts and everything. During the end of summer 2021, I’ve ordered my first-Hugo-boss items online. Since I don’t have a psychical store near-by. But as online-shopper, for me having psychical stores, is not a must-have. However I purchased a white-shirt and a navy-blue tie, that was Highly needed at that time. These items are still in my wardrobe, by the way. Hugo-Boss as affordable and quality items. Especially if you want wear more elegant and chic. The German-fashion-brand has you covered. The Prize-Range and quality are amazing, I can say that you don’t get any regrets when you step into the world of Boss.

Now a couple weeks a go, I was visiting Hugo-boss webshop again, to see what’s in the sale right now. As Hugo-Boss always have amazing items selected for people like us. I came across this black-shirt in the sale. I’ve thought: this is a black-shirt that I can wear during this summer, and the next summers. So I’ve bought a sustainable item for the long-term. I’m now a very thought-full shopper, when I’m buying a certain item. Something I would like to share with you, so we make sustainable and smart-decisions.

Styling a Hugo-Boss Shirt.

I’ve match my Hugo-boss shirt with a black-trouser from Mango-Man, and this trouser is from their latest Fall/Winter 23 collection. As I’ve already preparing my Fall/Winter wardrobe. The new arrivals has already been in store, so If you want to wear the latest, then the time is now! I want to make this look as elegant and chic as possible. So I’ve used my new brown-loafers from H&M. For years I was wearing black-loafers but I decided to switch from color. It’s a simple elegant and chic look, that you can wear when you go out for dinner or having a drink at your favorite bar. The monogram-print was for me the tricker to buy this item. You also can easily style it with a black-short, during the summer. So this shirt can not only being styled with a regular-trouser but also during The Summer in combination with a black-short. You will look amazing.

What do you guys think of this look? Love to hear from you.

Shop similar look right here:

Black Shirt: HugoBoss

Trouser: Mango

Loafers: H&M


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