Summer must-have: Linen Polo-shirt

One of these essentials for a Spring/Summer Wardrobe.

As the Summer is in full-swing, one of the items that is an absolute must-have in your Spring/Summer wardrobe: is a linen-polo shirt. Linen is one of the finest materials that you can wear. It’s a lightweight material, comfortable to wear. You don’t sweat so quickly when you are wearing it. Because linen is such a fine-material, it’s a very popular material to wear during the Spring/Summer. Now the temperatures are high, we automatically looking for an outfit or item that can tackle a bit these warmer-days. Especially when you go outside for a walk, dinner, lunch or hanging-out with friends. You want to wear the most comfortable material that you have in your wardrobe.

Linen is the perfect material to wear during summer

Summer must-have: Linen Polo-shirt

As soon as Spring/Summer has arrived. I Look forward to wear a comfortable material like linen: It’s A light-weight material, that makes me feel good. This is what fashion is all about. A Linen-polo shirt is a nice item that I think belongs in a Men’s Wardrobe. Especially if you want to wear something more classic/stylish. I decided to showcase my beloved Navy-blue-polo shirt from: Mango-Man in combination with a Navy-Blue linen short. When I was shopping for a linen-polo shirt, I came across this item and it’s a perfect linen-polo shirt, if you are on a budget.

Navy-Blue Linen Polo shirt:

Mango-Man has a perfect Linen polo-shirt in navy-blue available. As I mentioned before if you are on a budget, Mango-man have you covered, with not only polo-shirts in linen, but also shorts, and other items in linen. I decided to match my linen-polo shirt with a bermuda-short from: Mango, that is made from the same material as my polo-shirt. This makes the look more elegant, classic and structured. Furthermore you also can easily style it with a beige-linen short for example. So when you thinking to buy a linen-polo shirt, you can style it in different ways. Check-out my latest: .

Shop the look here:

Linen polo shirt: mango

Bermuda short:mango.

Photography: Ernst de Vogel


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