The Best of Fashion Week FW Part two.

The Best of Fashion Week FW Part two.

Backstage at Hermes Fall/winter Collection. 
Photography by Acielle Style du Monde

Today I cover a few shows from Paris Fashion Week Men’s FW2024.

The Battle between Bold, western and soft, some collections where loud, some collections where soft, and the other ones where bold.

With Paris Fashion week Ending last Sunday 21th of January 2024. There where a few shows that really stands-out. First and foremost Pharell William’s Western-collection for Louis Vuitton Men’s . For me Louis Vuitton has always been a brand about suitcases, bags and accessories. And I’m not alone in this. A lot of people are seeing this the same. However Louis Vuitton also has Women’s and Men’s collection.

Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2024 Collection.

Now Paris Fashion week FW24 Men’s Season kicked-off with Lous Vuitton’s Men’s Fashion show under the hat of Mr.Pharell Williams who showcase a Wild-west-western Fashion show that was surprising for me. But if you following Pharell for a while, you know he can make bold-decisions, based on his creativity and vision. You can expect this from Pharell Williams, so be aware of this.

Fashion designer: Véronique Nichanian, took her Hermes-FW24 Collection to a rebellious point. With thin tailored lines. As a force of her own, many visitors where pretty positive about Véronique Nichanian latest FW24 collection for Hermes. 

Hermes Fall/Winter 2024 Collection.

The intern at Givenchy, who replaced Mathew Williams after his departure, created a collection that was based on idea of being a Gentlemen, with some feminisme included. Headscarves and feathers as a sign of feminism. With not having a official decent designer at Givenchy right now, it’s hard to have a good view over a certain collection. However I’m full of confident that Givenchy will find a decent replacement for Matthew Williams.

Dries van Noten Fall/Winter 2024 Collection.

Belgian Fashion Designer Dries van Noten, was one of the most best shows from last season. With playfulness, and sensuality, Dries van Noten proved being a master with colours. Which always makes me happy, however I try to stay by a few colours in my wardrobe. But I can still enjoy seeing different colours in collections. Slippers that looks like ballet shoes, where unexpected if you ask me. But having a surprise and playfulness in a collection, makes it more exciting if you ask me.

The best Of 

Givenchy FallWinter 2024 Collection.

What was your favourite show of Last season? Let me know !

I love to hear from you.

Photo Credit: VogueRunway

Photography by Acielle Style du Monde


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