The Best of Men’s Fashion week FW24 Part One.

Gucci Fall/Winter collection 2024.

The Best of Men’s Fashion week FW24 Part One.

As Men’s Fashion Season FW24 kicked off in Milan on January 12th, one of the most surprising accessories was making a huge-comeback. The Traditional-Neck-tie. Featured in innovations by Mrs Prada and Raf Simons Fashion show for Prada. Italian-designer Sabato de Sarno included the Neck-Tie in his debut-collection for Men’s . Could this be the return of the Neck-Tie? Are you planning to wear it again? 

Prada Fall/Winter Collection 2024.

If I look to myself, I love to wear a black tie and can’t imagine a wardrobe without several tie’s for all the blazers in my Wardrobe. It’s always an important item if you are into formal-wear. Not that I wear suits a lot, but lately I find myself more into formal wear, and I discovered the beauty of a tie, or neck-tie. 

Several tie’s in your wardrobe, from Black to Navy-Blue and other colours that are you favourite, can be a great addition to your wardrobe. You can start by wearing a white-shirt and a black tie, and just wear it a couple of Times, and see how it feels? From there you can decide if it feels good or not, after the pandemic formal-wear has made a huge-comeback. And during This Men’s Fashion Season FW24 there was no exception. From Giorgio Armani, to Prada and Dior. Blazers, Trousers and silhouettes where dominated on the runway. 

It almost feels like we don’t want to wear anything else, but chic. 

Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter Collection 2024.

Style is a personal-thing, and I believe in the fact, that it’s serve’s a certain freedom. You dress how you feel, you dress by your own believes. And that’s the beauty of having a personal-style. So I can only support that. It’s our own body and our own choice to wear what we want, rules are here to break right? But when it comes to formal-wear, and you want to play it safe? Just make sure you have a tie to give your formal-outfit that last touch, what is needed to make sure you don’t fall out of place. 

Here are some of my favourite looks from Men’s Fashion Week Season so far. 

Next Week I’ll cover more of Men’s Fashion Season FW24.


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