The Double Breasted Black blazer

Happy Monday Everyone,

Last December 2023, I was purchased a double-breasted-blazer for my birthday-trip to Madrid-Spain.

In order to build my ultimate-sustainable-wardrobe, I added a double-breasted-black-blazer to my wardrobe. It’s been my favourite-blazer so far. Because it’s a versatile and lovely item to wear. I feel very confident, strong and sexy at the same time, when I’m wearing it. I could wear this every-single-day, but at the moment I don’t feel the pressure or need to do that. But I keep the double-breasted blazer in good-condition- so I can wear it again and again. So far I don’t have any regrets with this purchase.

This Double-breasted black blazer, is nice to wear under any turtleneck that you have in your wardrobe. For example: Blue, Grey, Black, Brown. These are just a couple of options you can choose from. I’ve brought my double-breasted-black blazer to the tailor, to make sure it, fits correctly and if you purchased a regular blazer online or in store. I highly recommend to bring it to your tailor and make it totally your personal-blazer, sometimes the sleeves are too long or too short. So make sure you choose the right size, and bring it to your tailor so he can fix your sleeves in the right way. 

My Double-breasted-black blazer is from the brand Mango, and it’s a versatile item that you can wear with most of your trousers. Grey or black for example. You can wear it under a turtleneck, or just in combination with a black or white shirt. When you choose one of these options, you always look chic and will never disappoint yourself. You probably will get a very strong and confident feeling when you are wearing it. This is the same experience I have, since I’m wearing it. 

It’s a great piece to wear for several occasions like: meetings, dinner-dates,  it’s a way to speak and people will find it more attractive when you wearing a double-breasted blazer in a color black for instance. I’m pretty sure you will make a good impression when you wearing a double-breasted blazer to your job-interview as well. Just to name a few occasions where this double-black-breasted blazer can be a good option to wear.

Let me know your thoughts about this item, love to have a conversation with you about my favourite item of my wardrobe right now.

Thank you guys for reading.


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