The Double-Denim-Style




Hello Everyone! The first outfit of Spring/Summer 2024 is here. And I’m super excited to share a look that is timeless and casual. I’ve been wearing this kind of style since 2018 and every Spring/Summer Season again I’m excited to wear it. If you already have scroll online for your Spring/Summer wardrobe. You probably already have seen the stripes T-Shirts. 


The Stripes T-shirt is a casual T-shirt that you can easily wear under a Denim-Jacket like I did. It makes your outfit causal for 100%. As I mentioned earlier Stripes T-shirt are always in collections, from High-end Fashion Brands like: YSL or Dolce & Gabbana, but also brands like: Cos, Zara are having a large collection of long sleeve stripes T-Shirts, whatever your budget is. You will always find items like these every single Spring/Summer collection.

That’s why I always want to have them in my Spring/Summer wardrobe, If I don’t want to wear something chic during the Spring/Summer. I always can switch from Chic to Casual if I want too. This gives my wardrobe options, and my style is getting more diverse. You probably can imagine that you don’t always want to wear something chic or dressed-up. Especially if you are having a day-off and just want to wear something more simple and casual. A Double-Denim-Style is maybe what you are looking for. 


The Denim-Jacket.

I’m having this Denim-Jacket from the Italian-brand: Replay, for many years, and it’s still in amazing condition. Probably because of the high-quality fabric. It’s been one of the best gifts that I ever received from my mom, and I’m super grateful for that. It’s not always easy for a mom to pick-out clothes for your son or daughter, But my mom did several-times! So I probably have a new stylist ( lol ). Having a denim-jacket in your wardrobe is super important, because it’s a item that you can combine with every single T-Shirt that you own. Beside’s that you also can wear it in combination with a shirt for example. 

If you are looking for Denim-Jacket that I highly recommend to visit denim-brands like: Diesel, Levi’s or Replay they are specialised in denim, and they have good-quality Denim-Jackets, that are worth the investment. Make sure you try on several-ones, you can experience different kind of fits and see which denim-jacket fits you the best.

Let’s Kick-off the Spring/Summer 2024 !


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