The Long Traditional Grey-Coat.

The Long Traditional Grey-Coat.

As Autumn just started and we transition from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter. Our wardrobe’s are changing with us. We have the desire to wear other materials than: Cotton or Linen. In my previous: Blogpost I’ve talked about the importance of having a good wool-black blazer. Now the next-item I want to talk about is another Wardrobe-Essential, that could last last for years if you are lucky. Now that’s the Traditional long grey coat. It’s for a lot of people ( including me ) one of my favorite-items from my Fall/Winter Wardrobe. Especially now I’ve found my style and just want to wear more classic items than casual-clothes. So I’ve been very excited to share my knowledge about this item.

Long Grey coat.

A good coat can be one of your best-items of your Fall/Winter wardrobe. I can speak from my own experience, and I’ve been quite lucky with it. I have this long grey coat for a couple of years now. It’s a long grey coat from: H&M and it’s still in very good condition. Which means I can wear it this Fall/Winter 2023 season again. The Traditional Long Grey coat is the perfect item if you want to wear something more classic, and want to switch from your puffer-jacket for example. Especially if you are planning to wear more classic-chic looks, your coat is exactly the finishing-touch. You can style under a turtleneck for example, or just with your regular-wool-sweater. It’s statement-piece that can last for-ever.

Where yo buy?

Now Traditional-coats like this are available everywhere, from every prize-range. No matter what your budget is. A Coat like this comes always back in Fall/Winter Collections. That’s why it can be good question where to buy this kind of coats? Which color should I pick-up? Now these are all questions that I can answer for you. Now the first thing you can do is do a bit of re-search on the internet, and see the difference prize-ranges. Keep in mind that coats are most of the time a bit higher in prize-range. But don’t let that distract you from choose the right traditional-coat. What I can recommend is to invest a bit of money into a long-traditional-coat, because quality over quantity is more sustainable. 

The Statement Coat.

Now try before you buy is another tip that I woud like to give with you. Because it’s important that you try it on before you buy. Especially if you are planning to invest a bit of your money into a coat. Which I recommend to do so. If you go for a grey coat like I did. Make sure that your items are align with your coat. Make sure you have natural-items in your wardrobe like: Grey, black and Navy-Blue. These colors are going very well with a Grey coat. You can also use these tips if you decide to go for Black or Navy-Blue statement coat. Just make sure you have items in your wardrobe that match perfectly with your statement coat. So you are ready to shine!

Coat by: H&M

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