The Wool-Black-Blazer Ultimate Wardrobe Essential

The Wool-Black-Blazer Ultimate Wardrobe Essential

The Ultimate Essential is a black blazer for me. Since two-years I discovered that I love to wear this piece more than other items in my wardrobe. When I started to purchase items for this Fall/Winter Season. The Wool-black-blazer was the first item in my head. Just because you and I can style it in many-ways. I think the options are endless exactly. I started to search for this essential and came across this wool-black blazer from the brand: Cos and it’s a very strong and nice blazer that is hopefully the start of my dream wardrobe. Where essential-clothing like: Blazers, are the foundation.


Now a Black blazer is a very important essential to your wardrobe. As you can easily style it with your shirts, t-shirts, turtlenecks. Exactly the list goes on and on. If you just started-out and working on your ultimate wardrobe. I recommend to invest a bit of money into a decent good black blazer. This doesn’t mean you have to pay a lot of money for a blazer. But just make sure you go for quality instead of quantity. Because a decent good blazer last-forever. I’ve have a navy-blue blazer in my wardrobe and I have it for years in my wardrobe. Because it’s still in good condition, make sure you a few of them in your wardrobe. So you van switch from blazer from time to time. You automatically make sure that other blazers stay in good condition. If you are wearing the same-blazer everyday, there is good chance that your blazer will be worn-out before you noticed.

I be on my black suit and Tie

Wool-Blazers for Fall/Winter Season.

It’s that time of the season where we also change from material. Wool is soft and comfortable to wear during the cold-days. I’ve picked-up a Wool-Blazer made from: 100% recycled wool. Because I think it’s very important to raise awareness for Sustainable-Fashion. Which is one of the things that is important to me. I try to make this my mission, because of the fact that we are over-consuming at the moment. That’s why I choose a material that’s already been used, but still can be used for the next-item. Like this Black-wool blazer. I also can use this item as the foundation for other formal-outfits. That I’m planning to wear in the near-future.

The outfit in details.

As formal-clothes are more my style now-a-days. I decided to match my wool-blazer with a good pair of trousers from: Mango and some brown-loafers from: H&M , this is outfit: I can wear during a meeting, events or just when I want to work in a lunch-room for example. A black-Suit is another essential-outfit that belongs in a sustainable-wardrobe in my opinion. I just could wear it everyday- if you ask me. It gives a men confidence, and faith into his own-dreams no matter that might be. You always make a good impression when you wear a black suit. So don’t underestimated the importance of a good black-suit. Once you wear it and go outside. You will attract good things to you, trust me.


One of these accessoires that can’t be missed wearing an outfit. Are some good pair of sunglasses. And my recent pick-up are these: Celine Sunglasses. It’s the finishing touch of your outfit. Especially if you go for something more smooth. I picked up these sunglasses because I think it’s match very good with my outfit. What do you think? The Sharpness is what you see and that’s something what I think match very good with my outfit.

Thank you for reading.

I was wearing:

Wool Black Blazer: Cos Black Trouser: Mango Black Tie: Mango Loafers: H&M Sunglasses: Celine


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