The-wool-Light Grey trouser look.

The-Wool-light Grey Trouser look.

Autumn Temperatures are slowly coming your way. Now it’s time to look at our wardrobe and see what kind of trousers we exactly need? Because we love to switch from jeans to a pair of trousers right?

Now as I’m building an Essential-sustainable wardrobe. I decided last Summer, when the Fall/Winter collection already was in store, to pickup a light-grey trouser from: COS , which is currently my favorite-brand when it comes to basics ! I’m currently very focused on basic items, that last longer than only 1-2 seasons. As the color grey always played a role in my wardrobe, I needed a new pair of light-grey wool trouser in my wardrobe. Because the previous grey trouser was really worn-out. So it was time for a new grey trouser.

The Straight-leg-wool trouser from: COS is an trouser that gets you into a very relaxed mood. After I brought it to my tailor it was: READY-TO-WEAR ! So it was in my closet for two-months, because it’s a very relaxed and nice item to wear this Fall/Winter season. and I’ve already bought this item during Summer. It’s made from: 100% recycled-wool, which is very important to me, because I want to raise awareness for more sustainability trough buying less and invest in sustainable-items that last longer. So in that case this piece is the right-addition to my ultimate-wardrobe. Furthermore because it’s a natural-color, you can easily style it with other colors like: Grey and Black, just like I did.

The outfit.

As I mentioned before, I ordered this item last Summer 2023, when it was in store. I was preparing my Fall/Winter wardrobe as soon as possible, before certain sizes were sold-out. Now I Decided to style my light-grey-trouser with a black-wool-blazer from: COS . And I also use a white shirt From: BOSS to keep it clean and neutral. When it comes to footwear I used my beloved everyday sneaker from: NEW Balance Because I love to wear comfortable shoes and a grey trouser with grey sneakers, sounds like a perfect match. What you think of this outfit? Let me know in a comment.

Love to hear from you !


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