Orange is The New Black.

Happy Sunday Everyone, How are you doing today? I’ve just checked-in at one of my favorite Bagel- spots in Town. As I’m happy to share a new post with you. Yesterday my blog was officially in the air. And it was quite unexpected, if I didn’t expect to happen this weekend. But I’m super happy and excited to share my passions with you. It still feels un-real to have a new blog. Because I didn’t had a blog for a long-time. But there was always a missing piece of me. And that’s this blog, where I can share my creativity, my passions, secrets, my highs and lows. So that’s super cool 🙂 Now let’s talk about this outfit, shall we?

As the Summer Continue’s, I would like to showcase my favorite summer items of my Spring/summer wardrobe. It’s an Orange T-shirt from Belgian fashion designer: Dries van Noten. I’ve came across this T-shirt at: Mr Porter last Summer 2022. And for me it was a perfect item to add in my summer-wardrobe. Because of the fact that: I’m building a sustainable wardrobe, and this item is a basic orange t-shirt, that you can easily style with other shorts for example. It is a flat t-shirt. Easily to style with a white blazer, black blazer, and even a navy-blue blazer for example. For me this item was must-have, so I knew this will be a good purchase. A very sustainable piece that last for-ever.

I decided to match this Orange T-shirt from: Dries van Noten, with a linen-beige-short from: Selected Homme, and a pair of Adidas Sneakers. Now a days I like to keep the outfit simple, classic and effortless. It’s a simple summer look, but I still add a bit of chic into it, because of the beige-linen-short. This T-shirt is made from 100% cotton, but still very comfortable during warmer-days. Linen is a material that I highly recommend to wear during the summer. Because it’s such a fine material to wear. You can’t go wrong with that. When you go shopping online or offline, you probably will be overwhelmed by the amount of linen shorts, shirts and other items. A lot of brands are now offering linen materials. Because it’s comfortable material to wear, like I mentioned before.

Shop similar look here:

T-Shirt: Luisa Via Roma

Beige linen short: Selected Homme

Photography: Ernst de Vogel


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