What to wear when you are traveling?

What to wear when you are traveling?

I was asking myself this when I first started to traveling. Because I didn’t know what to wear? But overtime when I started to traveling a bit more, I’ve noticed that it’s all about wearing something your feel comfortable in. There are many options that you can choose from: Suits, a relaxed jeans, and of course a track-suit.

It’s all about comfort.

Now let’s be honest it’s all about comfort right? Especially if you are flying for hours, than it’s all about wearing something comfortable. Because you just want to relax and chill, and not worrying about anything, because traveling can be exhausting. Now I’ve discovered that wearing a track-pants feels the most comfortable to me, but a good pair of trousers will be my second option. There is nothing that feels more comfortable than these two options. And I highly recommend to you, these two options as well. Especially if you are traveling on a regular-basis. Because you want to feel relax and just want to enjoy the flight. Style is of course personal, but it’s never wrong to give some recommendations, now I’m a more experienced traveler.

What about the shoes?

Now as you can see on the pictures, I decided to match my track-suit from: Mr.P with a good pair of white sneakers from: Nike that are very comfortable to wear during a flight, because they are light-weight and feeling like you wearing no shoes at all. Now that’s something you might want to go after, because heavy shoes are not a good idea? during a long-flight. Sometimes you have a lay-over and you need to wait for at least one or two hours. Than you just want to wear some comfortable shoes that match with the rest of your outfit.

Smart-casual or just Comfortable?

Now if you want to jump out the plane and present yourself in the right-way, a good suit and some pair of sneakers are totally fine, but if you are just on the plane for holiday, than wearing something comfortable might be the better option. There is not right-or-wrong in this case, because you must feel always good in whatever you are wearing. A baggy pair of jeans or a trouser and a hoodie is more accessible for a holiday trip, and if you going for a business meeting, a good-suit is the best option.

I’m very curious what you are wearing during your travels? Love to hear from you.

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